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23-11-2004 20:18 Maidan-INFORM
Lviv Regional Council: Yushchenko is the President of Ukraine!

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A session of Lviv Regional Council has just terminated.

It adopted the following decisions (in short):

1. Recognize Yushchenko as a President of Ukraine.
2. Declare a position of non-confidence to the CEC.
3. Appeal to the Verkhovna Rada with a request to adopt urgently the decisions on:
- non-recognition of the current vote count of the second round of elections;
- cancellation of elections results in the polling stations where Yushchenko’s representatives were not admitted;
- vote of non-confidence to the CEC;
- entering legal actions by the Prosecutor's office of Lviv region regarding the facts of extensive violations of the law "On presidential elections in Ukraine";
- appeal to all law-enforcement organs to support the people’s president V. Yushchenko and disobey the criminal orders of the authorities;
- appeal to other regional councils of Ukraine and self-government organs of all levels to support free expression of the people’s will;
Comment: During the last year, Lviv regional council’s sessions were constantly blocked by the pro-government SDPU (o) members. But today 52 council members (the majority) voted for this decision!

Source: Roman Haychok, Deputy of Lviv Regional Council

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