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28-11-2004 19:25 Maidan-INFORM
Yushchenko Warns of Emergency Law and Use of Force

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Yushchenko warns of a possible attempt to break up the rallies and declare emergency law about 20:00

Victor Yushchenko has warned that the authorities are considering declaring emergency law and moving to break up the rallies in Kiev.

"Already for two days there has been talk about introducing emergency law which would allow them to break up this demonstration and raze the tent city around 20:00" - Yushchenko said at the rally in Kiev's Independence Square.

"Ideas of force resolutions are appearing from time to time. Mr. President, I'm appealing to you: God forbid the government should resort to force. You will confront unimaginable power, and these 500 thousands, who are standing in this square, will grow tenfold."

Yuschenko also warned: "If any preparations for resolution by force come to light, we will break off negotiations immediately."

"I would like to appeal to people who wear the military uniform. Remember one thing - weapons always speak in unison with the truth, they never work against your own people," - added Yuschenko.

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