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01-12-2004 14:08 Maidan-INFORM
Separative Ravings

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Donetsk Regional Council has just passed the resolution on holding a referendum on January 9th about “Lodgement of the region with the status of the self-dependent subject in the frame of a federation”.

Maidan-Inform would like to remind the inspirers of PiSUAR (acronym of Ukrainian words: South-East Ukrainian Autonomous Republic, at the same time the homophone of “pissoire”, i.e., “a street urinal” – Translator”s note) as follows:
à) Art. 156 of the Constitution stipulates, that such changes shall be introduced only pursuant to the Law of Ukraine to be passed with the constitutional majority of the Supreme Rada as well as adopted through the All-Ukrainian referendum,
á) Art. 110 ("Infringement of the Territorial Integrity and Inviolability of Ukraine”, Art. 111 (“High Treason”) of the Penal Code of Ukraine

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