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02-12-2004 16:25 Maidan-INFORM
Tymoshenko to Yushchenko and Other Negotiators: ďDonít Stop Maidan! Donít Prevent Freedom!Ē

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Yulia Tymoshenko stated that the blockade of government buildings will not end until all the demands related to the re-run of the presidential election have been met.

At her press conference, Tymoshenko called for "calmer perception" of the points regarding the immediate end to the blockade made in the joint statement by Yushchenko, Kuchma, and Western mediators .

"In order for this point acquire legitimacy, they forgot to invite Maidan (Independence Square) to its signing," said Tymoshenko. " Maidan representatives asked to convey that they are not being directed by politicians, but by the interests of Ukraine."

"The Maidan is not going away, nor will it diminish until it gains the Ukraine that the people have dreamed of. I am convinced that people will not leave Independence Square until they hear that Yushchenko has become president," she added.

Tymoshenko further warned, "If Viktor Andriyovych [Yushchenko] tries to stop the Maidan, he will not succeed. They will not listen to any politician and will do what they deem necessary."

At the same time, she accused Leonid Kuchma of dragging out the negotiations with Viktor Yushchenko.

"One person is holding back the announcement of the Yushchenko presidency - that is Kuchma. He is not motioning the agreed-upon structure of the Central Election Commission (CEC), he is not authorizing the decree about the dismissal of the government, he is not signing the changes to the law regarding the presidential elections," Tymoshenko stated during her press conference.

"The President is trying to change the priorities, to reduce everything to political reform, thus consolidating his camp. This trick of his will not work!" she warned.

Tymoshenko announced that the "Power of the People" [Syla Narodu] coalition is planning to "culminate all negotiations with the government within one to two days," and if they fail, it will turn to decisive actions.

"We have the majority needed to pass changes to the election law, which would permit a rerun. We will also motion a variation of amendments to the Constitution by the end of the day, and an absolute condition is that this will come into effect after January 1, 2006."

"If the changes which we and Moroz are proposing are not accepted, we will not permit the prolongation of this process," Tymoshenko said.

She also announced the formation of a new majority under President Yushchenko. "We will be able to discuss such a majority as early as today or tomorrow," said Tymoshenko. "In the coming days we will present a government structure of national confidence," she added.

"If Kuchma does not immediately sign [the laws about the formation of government trusted by the people], the people will not tolerate any politician. The people will say this clearly and radically."

Tymoshenko said that the "important moment [will come upon] the decision of the Supreme Court."

Regarding what is to be done if the Supreme Court does not rule that the election was fraudulent, Tymoshenko stated, "It does not matter whether it suits the politicians or not. What is important is whether it suits the people."

"If the Court does not decide that the election was a fraud, I think that the people will take that very badly, and the actions of the people will be difficult to control."

Tymoshenko also said that it was she who opened the doors of the parliament (Verkhovna Rada) when people tried to enter on Tuesday. "When the people peacefully - and I emphasize, peacefully - tried to enter the parliament, it was a pivotal breakthrough in the situation," she added.

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