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19-01-2005 18:58 Maidan-INFORM
Yushchenko To Be Sworn in on January 22?

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The inauguration of Viktor Yushchenko as president of Ukraine will take place on January 22, 2005. At least this is the opinion of the majority of MPs belonging to the "Power of the People" coalition. This was also practically confirmed in an interview given by MP Mykola Tomenko.

He said that this date is the best. Firstly, in his opinion, the situation in the Supreme Court shows that “the Ukrainian–Swiss show in defense of Viktor Yanukovych” will end before January 20.

Secondly, Tomenko emphasized, the inauguration should not be postponed any longer, as Ukraine could lose its international stature because due to the protracted inability to determine the inauguration date.

This, according to him, also presents a problem for foreign leaders, who are, therefore, unable to plan their schedules.

The third reason lies in the political sphere. Due to president-elect Yushchenko's inability to make any state decisions at the moment, the anarchy and chaos in the country is on the rise, starting with district administrations and ending with Kyiv, Tomenko said.

The fourth reason is of a social nature. On January 22, Ukraine will celebrate Unification Day. “I am sure that from this day, the discussion about the division between the “orange” and the “blue,” and the East and the West will stop. All people will be again citizens of Ukraine, and there will again be 47 million of us.”

The head of the committee on legal politics questions, Vasyl Onopenko, said that after yesterday's Supreme Court decision allowing publication of the official election results, there are now legitimate grounds to determine the exact inauguration date. He also called the court’s decision “legitimate.”

A member of the regulating committee, Vasyl Gavrylyuk, reported that no changes have been introduced to the agenda at this time, according to which Saturday, January 22, is indicated as a work day. However, he did not exclude the possibility of the draft of the respective resolution coming out today.

The deputy mentioned that in order to conduct the inauguration on Saturday, the parliament's session should be extended for one day, assuring a plenary meeting.

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